City Internships

Campaign, Print

A Travel Experience

City Internships is a career-focused program that offers meaningful work experience to participants in their field of study.

Challenge: Enter a design competition with 3 promotional poster designs and 3 branded merchandise designs that drives brand awareness, builds credibility and positions the program as the appealing, career-enhancing investment that it is.

Solution: A campaign centered around the idea that City Internships will help you travel the world. If you have a wanderlust bug, City Internships is for you.

Target Audience: College juniors and seniors looking for an internship in their field of study that will advance their career and define their future

Consideration: Even with the given design constraints, I was selected as one of the top 5 finalists.

Contribution: Concept Creation, Print Design

City Internships New York Poster
City Internships Los Angeles Poster
City Internships London Poster
City Internships Luggage Tag Design
City Internships Metro Card Design
City Internships Postcard