Anatolian Kitchen


An Aspiring Turkish Restaurant

Challenge: How do Turkish citizens change their dietary habits when they travel to or immigrate to America?

Solution: A cuisine blog that turned into a collaboration between a Nutrition and Dietetics graduate of Syracuse University and me. The hope is that, in the future, Anatolian Kitchen will be a working restaurant.

Target Audience: Individuals who are interested in Turkish culture who are looking for a way to make simple, nutritionally-conscious versions of traditional Turkish foods in one's own kitchen

Contribution: Print Design, Branding, Blog Customization, Team Collaboration

Anatolian Kitchen Ideation
Anatolian Kitchen Ideation
Anatolian Kitchen Ideation
AAnatolian Kitchen Ideation
Anatolian Kitchen Ideation
Web Design

The web design of the site is a result of an HTML5 Wordpress theme that I purchased and customized to fit the needs of the blog owner for her future site redesign.

Identity System

The branding was conceptualized by me based on the direction provided by the blog owner. She hopes to one day turn Anatolian Kitchen into a real working restaurant.

Anatolian Kitchen Stationery
Anatolian Kitchen Letterhead
Anatolian Kitchen Business Card
Anatolian Kitchen Branding